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Foster Baby on Life Support After Choking Under Care

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Shock and grief surround a Midland Foster Home as a baby battles for his life after nearly choking to death.

Executive Director at High Sky Children's Ranch Jalynn Hogan said it happened Thursday night as the foster parents were getting the child ready for bed.

The one-year-old began to choke on a baby wipe. "Despite foster parents efforts to provide life saving measures and resuscitate the baby, he could not breathe," she said.

EMS were called and the baby was taken to Midland Memorial Hospital. Afterwards it was determined the baby needed to be transferred to Covenant Hospital in Lubbock where the child now remains on life support, "and barring a miracle probably will not survive," Hogan said.

In the agency's 51-year history, this is a first. 

"You're taken off guard when something that's common in your home can cause such a serious life altering event," Hogan said.

Now we're told both the foster parents and High Sky are under the microscope. According to CPS a Residential Child Care Licensing (RCLL) investigation on possible abuse or neglect is underway. Any action needed will be determined after the investigation. It's unknown if the guardians were veteran or new foster parents.But Hogan claims based on what they know at this time, there was no foul play by the them. 

"They are shattered as you might imagine to have something like this happen," she said. "It's a struggle for all of us here. Whether you're at fault or not you know that is a concern that somehow people will perceive that you are."

Now officials are just asking for some prayers for the child and his families.

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