New Stair Chairs to Help Rescue Patients in Tight Areas

New Stair Chairs to Help Rescue Patients in Tight Areas

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

KERMIT- There aren't many buildings with stairs in Kermit but Winkler County EMS found it necessary to buy stair-chairs for other uses.

"With the influx of people here because of the oil boom, what we've seen is people living in trailers. We're having a lot of trouble getting access to these patients. These chairs will allow us to get into more confined spaces where there is a single rescue. This way we can get them out to a spot where more people can get around them and get them to the hospital," Winkler County EMS Chief, James Everett, said.

At a cost of $9,000, Everett says the stair chairs will still be used to go up flights of stairs if needed.

"We're getting more drilling in this area. I'm sure you've seen the drilling rigs with stairs going straight up. These chairs will make it easier when we do have those types of calls to get the patients down to the ground level where we can get them taken care of," Everett said.

Even if the patient is unconscious, strapping them in the chair is a lot easier than carrying them.

"Movement lots of time is going to increase their pain level. We are trying to get them moved without doing anymore harm or increasing their level of pain or discomfort. This will allow us to move them much more easily to the cot to get them to the Emergency Room," Everett said.

All three ambulances in Winkler County will come equipped with the new stair chairs.