Local Doctor Headed to the Middle East to Educate Others

Local Doctor Headed to the Middle East to Educate Others

By Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA-  Doctor Richard Bartlett was born and raised in West Texas. He's been on mission trips before but this time he will go to the Middle East. Providing medical care around the world, he says that is what Christianity is all about.

"This goes hand and hand. The motivation is to help people and not expect anything in return. The essence of Christianity is to be a giver and not a taker. Christians have that desire to give. I don't know how to build homes or fix cars, but I know how to do this, so this is what I'm going to do," World Mission Alliance Member, Dr. Richard Bartlett, said.

Bartlett is going to be with a team of about 20 people heading to Kurdistan. Chuck and Helen Todd are the founders of World Mission Alliance, they spoke Sunday at Parker Heights Christian Church in Odessa. They are excited to share Christianity with the Kurds.

"We have found quite a bit of interest and hunger for the gospel message in the Middle East, particularly in northern Iraq, which is Kurdistan," World Mission Alliance Founder, Helen Todd, said.

"God cares about them and loves them. We're not trying to import culture. A lot of older missionaries had the idea to import culture. You had to dress a certain way or talk this way. God loves the world and God's love is bigger than culture's are," World Mission Alliance Founder, Chuck Todd, said.

A little nervous to travel to the Middle East with the tension there, Dr. Bartlett is up for the challenge.

"I have my concerns as does everybody," Bartlett said. "I'm going to be alert, I don't think this is a game. But at the same time, I see a tremendous opportunity to help other people. At some point you have to say, I'm going to do the right thing and do the best I can."

Bartlett says there are good people in West Texas and he is doing his part to represent the Basin well.

"There is always going to be giving people from West Texas making a difference world wide," Bartlett said.

World Mission Alliance will leave for Kurdistan in a few weeks.