Ranchland Apartment Fire Prompts Residents to Speak Out About Other Issues

Ranchland Apartment Fire Prompts Residents to Speak Out About Other Issues

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - As flames erupted early Friday morning at the Ranchland Apartments, many were reminded of an electrical fire just two months ago. Not to mention, the other electrical, water, parking and garbage problems residents say the complex already has.

"Faulty electrical, maintenance requests going unrepaired, just constant problems, you're for a time with no hot water. The list is just as long as you can think it to be," Curtis Rollie, who lives at the complex, said.

Even though the cause of Friday's fire has yet to be determined, Rollie says he wouldn't be surprised if this was also an electrical problem.

"We just dealt with a fire not too long ago a couple of buildings down; a faulty electrical problem. It's just stuff that's not being repaired. Things aren't being fixed. Nobody cares and nobody comes out here to check. We can't get anybody out here. There is no voice in this community," Rollie said.

But faulty wiring and short circuits aren't the only problems people who live here told us about. One resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, says her unit floods every time it rains outside and despite putting in several maintenance requests, nothing has gotten fixed. One of her neighbors said that even for thousands of dollars in rent every month, the complex hardly ever has hot water.

"It's always about money, money, money but nothing's ever getting fixed," Rollie said. "We're not asking for extravagant things, we're just asking for the essentials. We want to be able to shower and clean our dishes and wash our clothes and be able to kill germs with hot water."

NewsWest 9 tried contacting the management at the Ranchland Apartments about these allegations and about the fires, we were told they were not going to release any information to us at this time.

"We just need somebody to come out here and bring these apartments up to code and bring them up to a liveable situation," Rollie said.