Witness Report Details Alleged Assault by OHS ROTC Instructor

Witness Report Details Alleged Assault by OHS ROTC Instructor

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - All we had was the press release from ECISD Thursday afternoon.

It states that Odessa High's Junior ROTC Sergeant Dion Davis physically assaulted a student during the weekend.

Apparently, the ROTC group was riding a bus back from an event in San Angelo, when a student was reportedly shoved by Davis.

NewsWest 9 learned the identity of that alleged victim, and spoke to him about what happened.

But we decided against putting him on camera without getting Davis's side of the story.

Luckily,  we were able to get our hands on a signed statement from a third party witness.

The report was originally filed by a volunteer to the district Monday. It alleges the teen had been told by another instructor to get up and make an announcement to fellow cadets.  Then the volunteer claims Davis used a harsh tone to tell the student to sit down. Then, as he tried to explain, that's when the witness alleges Davis pushed him, causing him to knock his head on the overhead storage compartment.

The statement claims when the teen hit his head, it was so loud that students in the back could hear it. Afterward,  the witness asked to feel the student's head and alleges "there was a knot about the size of an egg on it."

But the teen told us, he didn't need to see a doctor. He said he just sat in silence, holding his head the rest of the way home. The student claims he didn't plan to breathe a word about the incident.

In the statement we received, the volunteer urged the student to report what happened, but the teen feared retaliation and said, "I don't want to rock the boat."

Once the volunteer filed the report, the student told us he felt he needed to speak out, and see the case the whole way through. He said he's even pressed charges.

We're also told other students wrote statements and that there could be a video. But we're still working on piecing those elements together.

We've tried getting ahold of Davis through phone and text, but still haven't heard back.  We're told he could face misdemeanor assault charges.

The investigation continues.