Birds Eye View Shows Extent Of Flooding

Birds Eye View Shows Extent Of Flooding

by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

PECOS- NewsWest 9 took off Wednesday afternoon to look at the flooding throughout the Pecos River from the sky.

"So here we are approaching he river now. You can see the flooding that over flowed the banks of the river" NewsWest 9 reporter, Justin Kree said.

When we got to the area, the sight became surreal, The river bank almost disappeared in some areas.

"As the river snakes it's way northwest you can visibly see the flooding that has happen in this area the last few days. You can really see how the flooding has effected these people here. The cars are saturated and stuck in the mud. Mobile homes are flooded too. It's just terrible for these people out here. We're not the only ones out here assessing the damage, here is a military helicopter assessing the flooding it's flying right by us. You can see semi trucks and oil trucks stuck in the mud that have been there since before the flooding began," Kree said.

"There's the dam right there. You can see the water rush through right there," Kree said.

Then we flew north to check out Red Bluff, this is where the flooding began.

Once we got to Red Bluff Lake, we saw first hand how much water is pouring down the Pecos River.

"You can see a lot of people that gathered on the shores of Red Bluff Lake. That right there is the source where all the water goes down the Pecos River," Kree said.