Pecos River Expected to Crest Again Late Thursday Night, Friday Morning

Pecos River Expected to Crest Again Late Thursday Night, Friday Morning

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Officials in Pecos are breathing a sigh of relief. What's being called the Pecos River Flooding Event of 2014 appears to be coming to an end but the city isn't in the clear just yet.

A new rush of floodwaters is expected to hit the Pecos River possibly by Thursday night.

After a few tense days, finally some positive news out of Pecos.

"We really do not think that the impact is what we originally anticipated it to be," Pecos Mayor, Venetta Seals, said.

A fly-over of the area on Wednesday showed the Pecos River is still full but waters are receding, especially on the north side of town.

"It does not seem like there is as much water coming over today as there was yesterday," Seals said.

The river is expected to crest again sometime late Thursday or early Friday morning.

Crews are busy moving debris and placing it on berms.

"The flow of water is being diverted towards Ward County, to the east so the water is not coming to the west toward the town of Pecos City so that is excellent news for us," Seals said.

For now, officials and responders are taking a breather as they wait to see what happens next.

"We'll be kind of seeing what the latest data is coming in as far as what the river level might be," Seals said. "Right now we're in a holding pattern and I really think the worst of it is behind us."

While they wait, another group is making sure they're taken care of.

"We can feed 10,000 people a day out of this kitchen," Arlen White, with the Texas Baptist Men, said.

The organization travels all over the country to help during disasters.

"We've been to Florida, we've been to Louisiana, we've been to all the major hurricanes since 2002," White said.

The group came to town Tuesday night to cook meals for the first responders and to give them a place to freshen up.

They said it's the least they can do during a stressful time.

"We wanna keep the first responders fed so they can do their work," White said. "We're having fun and they're having to do the work."

Seals said the city is thankful for the support.

"It's just been tremendous, everybody working together," she said. "Everything's looking really positive right now."