Mayor Happy With Improvements of Pecos River Flooding, Still Ready for the Worst

Mayor Happy With Improvements of Pecos River Flooding, Still Ready for the Worst

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9


"You can see behind me that the river is flowing, and it is flowing east towards Ward County," Venetta Seals, the Mayor of Pecos said.

The mayor was all smiles Tuesday as the river is beginning to flow, unclogged from debris, and away from the town.

"This is wonderful news for the residents of Pecos. I'm just really amazed with and appreciative of the crews that have been working out here to relocate all that debris," Seals said.

Hard work and sunny skies paid off as crews were able to use the debris to divert the water away from town.

Even though the river did not overflow as expected, several agencies are still gearing up for Thursday, which is when they believe the second wave will hit.  

"You can certainly see in some areas where the water has receded, of course there's still areas along the Pecos River where the water has breached a little bit and there is flooding up there, but for the most part the river is barely within its banks," Seals said. 

And now local organizations are pitching in to help in fear of the worst happening.

The Red Cross has partnered with the West Texas Food Bank who's delivering $5,000 worth of food donated from Concho Resources, which will feed over 200 first responders and residents. 

"We're very grateful for that partnership. We also are gaining food from HEB in Odessa as well as a trailer for us to store that food in for the next few days and we're extremely excited and so grateful for this partnership," Stephanie Murphree, Executive Director of the Red Cross, said.  

Several agencies from around the state have also been working around the clock to keep the residents safe and the flood waters away from homes, and now donations are pouring in, as the storm isn't quite over yet.  

"It's just wonderful having them here with all their resources that they're bringing in that we don't have here on a local level in preparation for whatever may come...and hopefully, nothing will," Seals said.  

The mayor says that Wednesday will be a bit calmer and a day to rest up, as Thursday may bring another wave of flooding.

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