14 People Arrested on Drug Charges in Big Spring

14 People Arrested on Drug Charges in Big Spring

Big Spring Police Department Press Release

Several people were arrested on Tuesday morning after Big Spring Police executed several felony arrest warrants for narcotics violations.

The arrest warrants are the result of approximately six months of investigation by the Big Spring Police Department's Narcotics Division. Assisting with the arrests was the Howard County Sheriff's Office.

These investigations are a result of a collaborative effort with the citizens of Big Spring and the Big Spring Police Department. We share an interest in a Drug Free community to live and raise our children.

The Big Spring Police Department is committed to serving the community and providing a safe environment for all.

The following have been arrested as a result of this sweep:

27-Year-Old Lauren Smith: Possession of Dangerous Drug, Delivery Controlled Substance, Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of Dangerous Drug

24-Year-Old Marty Evans: Delivery of Controlled Substance

46-Year-Old Toni Fraley: Delivery of Controlled Substance, Delivery of Controlled Substance, Possession Controlled Substance

27-Year-Old Mark Ryerson - Delivery of Controlled Substance, Delivery of Controlled Substance (Drug Free Zone)

28-Year-Old Brandon Robinson - Delivery of Controlled Substance

27-Year-Old Eurvin Winters – Possession of Marijuana

43-Year-Old Dorothy Woodard – Possession of Dangerous Drug

48-Year-Old Don Brooks - Delivery of Controlled Substance

31-Year-Old Michael Garza – Possession of Controlled Substance

26-Year-Old Ashley Ruiz – Possession Controlled Substance, Tampering With Evidence

32-Year-Old Jimmy Brannan – Possession of Marijuana

37-Year-Old Michael Flores - Possession of Controlled Substance

43-Year-Old Graciela Leal – Possession of Controlled Substance

23-Year-Old Kessandra Urbina – Possession of Dangerous Drug