New Study Suggests Electronic Cigarettes May Be Harmful to Cancer Patients

New Study Suggests Electronic Cigarettes May Be Harmful to Cancer Patients

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Electronic cigarettes have become popular over the years, but now a new study suggests E-cigarettes may be doing more harm than good for cancer patients.

"The study that came out was showing that it's not as effective for cancer patients to help them quit smoking," Renato Galindo, Patient Educator at Medical Center Hospital, said. 

According to NBC News, a new study released reports Oncologists say it's important for cancer patients to quit smoking because it increases the risk for secondary tumors and may affect the way treatments work. But a medical expert NewsWest 9 spoke with at Medical Center Hospital said cancer patients aren't the only ones who should put an end to the E-cigarette trend.

"At this moment, there is really no regulation over e-cigarettes to where even minors can purchase them legally," Galindo said. 

Contrary to popular belief, Galindo said electronic cigarettes do not help stop or slow down smoking habits.

"What the study was showing is patients trying to quit smoking using an electronic device were still addicted to nicotine. Therefore, they're prone to continue smoking the standard cigarette anyways," Galindo said.

So instead of turning to e-cigarettes to help kick your habit, MCH suggest you look towards other options.

"Look to your local resources. Speak to your physician about some of the resources in our area. Our center has a tobacco succession program that coaches and gives the right guidance to be nicotine free," Galindo said.