Slow Moving Debris Causing Flood Problems in Pecos

Slow Moving Debris Causing Flood Problems in Pecos

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

PECOS - A fast-paced day in Pecos caused by slow moving debris.

The sound of crackling could be heard from the Pecos River as flood debris moved down the river.

However, the only problem is the debris stopped.

The rainwater that's currently hitting New Mexico is making its way to Pecos through the river but with flood water comes tree branches, tree trunks and overflowing bridges.

"Barstow Bridge is completely blocked off because of the debris," Pecos Mayor, Venetta Seals, said.

"Water has already starting coming over the spillway. If it continues to come down, we are looking at roughly five feet of water coming into the spillway."

Because the river is clogged, the water cannot flow and banks along the river have already broken causing the water to expand towards town.

"The debris is a very big issue. We are talking to Union Pacific to see if they can come in to town to use their equipment to take some of the debris out," Seals said.

But as the water level continues to rise, more homes are threatened.

200 households could be evacuated if the river spills into the City of Pecos.

"Another one to two inches of rain is expected for tomorrow (Monday) so that's just going to add to the situation," Seals said.

With another day of rain expected, they fear this is only the beginning.