Stranded Oilfield Workers Rescued Safely in Loving County

Stranded Oilfield Workers Rescued Safely in Loving County

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MENTONE-  Loving County had their share of rain on Saturday. Flooding forced the Texas Department of Transportation to turn people away on Highway 302 because of water over the road.

A sight that is common around all of West Texas as it hasn't rained like this in decades.

"We're never prepared. How often do we have two hurricanes a week apart?" a concerned resident, said.

Loving County Sheriff, Billy Hopper, had a scary incident on Saturday morning. The flooding waters trapped almost a dozen men on a rig out in the county.

"This all started about 2 a.m. this (Saturday) morning when we got a call that there were some people stranded. The people were talked to yesterday (Friday) about getting out. Whatever they were doing, they didn't get finished and sure enough the water surrounded them and then they couldn't get out," Hopper said.

The Sheriff did have help from neighboring counties.

"Everybody helps whether it's your county or not. If they are infringing on you, they usually call and that's what the Monahans Lieutenant did. This (Saturday) morning, he called and wanted to make sure it was OK to come into my county. That's fine, if he comes into my county, I'm not going to complain when they are helping me so to speak," Hopper said.

Because of the help from others, the men were rescued by boat. All were safe.

"It was a pretty good operation as far as I'm concerned. Everybody pitches in and does what they can," Hopper said.

The rain is needed in West Texas. But coming all at once can be dangerous.

"The guy at the road block is just keeping people from going down there and being stupid. Some people don't have good sense. They will run through water they shouldn't run through," the concerned resident, said.