Rain Causes Flooded Streets in the Basin

Rain Causes Flooded Streets in the Basin

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The rain came down steadily throughout the day on Friday in the Basin and our roads are definitely feeling the effects.

"They streets are flooded with water. On 16th Street, there is a big puddle. Our car is even tall and we're having problems," Clarita Martinez, a local driver, said.

"Very frustrating. The water has nowhere to go obviously," Joe Martinez, another local driver, said.

On Friday morning, NewsWest 9 also spoke with a local towing company who said they've been working around the clock.

"Yeah we've been on overload for the past two days. Lots of accidents, lots of vehicles flooded out. People don't realize how deep the water is and they drive into and flood their vehicles out," Jerry Perry, Owner of Crash Masters Towing Company, said.

Remember if you approach a low water crossing, be safe and turn around. Do not attempt to go through the water.

"Over here on 22nd Street, there is a car stuck in there so I mean just don't chance it," Clarita said.

"Sometimes our drivers have to get into the water and hook the vehicle up and get them out," Perry said.

On Friday, it seemed like everyone could agree on one thing.

"If you don't have to travel, stay home," Clarita said.

"Don't go out. If you don't have anything to do out there don't take a chance," Perry said.