Kermit ISD Will Offer Substitute Positions to Certified, Non-Certified People

Kermit ISD Will Offer Substitute Positions to Certified, Non-Certified People

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

KERMIT - The Kermit School District is reaching out to qualifying adults who are interested in stepping in for a teacher when they are absent. With substitutes having other obligations, there is always a need for more.

"It's a constant need. You may have substitutes sign up in the Fall, but then come Spring, they might take some classes and their situation changes. So we're constantly trying to build our sub-pool," Donna Price, Head Curriculum Director for the Kermit School District, said.

Price says even the wages are some of the highest in the Basin. They are trying to get subs to commit.

"It's one of the highest rates in the area. If you are a certified teacher and you're not looking for a permanent job and you just want to substitute for us, you can get $150 a day," Price said.

Even people who have no college experience can come apply to be a substitute teacher.

"We have to be able to fill those seats. We found it's very effective to get the numbers up by not requiring people to have a diploma," Price said.

Would parents be concerned if their child is being taught by a person with no college experience at all?

"We notify parents and we let them know that their teacher is out. We tell the parents that this person does not have a teaching degree or certification but they are more than welcome to see what their qualifications are. In long term situations, we go with people with the most experience," Price said

Once approved as a substitute, a background check is performed and a training course to look for everything from child abuse, to harassment and discrimination and how to manage the classroom effectively.

"If there is a substitute teacher whose not getting the job done, there is no teacher in the world who would want them in the classroom. Teachers want to know their kids are safe for that day when she or he has to be out," Price said.

If you would like more information about substituting in Kermit, you can call the Administration Office at 432-586-1003.