Odessa's Newest Strip Club Leads To Land Battle

Odessa's Newest Strip Club Leads To Land Battle

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY- It's not the late nights and loud noise, open booze or even the practically naked women gyrating in these platform heels that are in question. All those are clearly expected when it comes to a strip club. But it's talks of whether Ector County's newest one Rick's Cabaret Odessa will be able to stay.

Thursday marked the company's Grand Opening, where they brought in famous playmates and adult stars, Jayden Cole and Lexi Belle to reel in a new crowd of eager "gentleman."

While officials acknowledge that there is a notable chunk of the population excited about the famous chain setting up in West Texas, the City of Odessa has been trying to crack down on their laws on sexually oriented businesses over the years.

Most recently they're in talks of possibly annexing the land the club sits on.

The popular chain has clubs in major cities across the U.S. and the parent company also recently took over Jaguars Strip Club.

But the Sheriff's Office has been regulating that spot for years. And in that time they told NewsWest 9 that "the strip club has been trouble for us, always has been."

But they said the new gentleman's club will be less of an issue;  the TABC is the front-runner in keeping tabs on alcohol licensing and monitoring the sexual ongoings of the place.

Still the county would rather not deal with it at all, so they want to send it over to the city.

In response, the city officials said it's too premature to talk about what may happen if the land does eventually fall under their jurisdiction.

According to Andy Studebaker, the club's regional manager they haven't been working up a sweat about the decision. He claims it won't matter whether it's the city or county keeping their eyes on Rick's, because if the city were to take it over, their regulations would only apply to new businesses, leaving them untouched.

So for now and probably good, they can keep the flashing lights on.

Even though there have been talks of annexing the land, no action has been taken yet.