Caught on Camera: Thief Rips Off Hops Scotch & Vinery

Caught on Camera: Thief Rips Off Hops Scotch & Vinery

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - There's nothing like a shot of Southern Comfort to take the edge off of a bad day, unless that edge is the panic setting in from ripping off a local liquor store.

Hops Scotch & Vinery is now looking for a woman who stole a bottle of booze just last week.

"As she kind of walked in the door, I asked if she needed any help, she said, 'no, not really.'" I kind of felt a little off on her," store owner, Morgan Anderson, explained. "Anyway, I came back to see if she needed anything, she's kind of moseying around. Next thing I knew, she was walking out the door and she was gone."

You can see the thief fixing her hair, after all, you've got to look good for the cameras. She walks around the store trying to look interested in other alcohol beverages, but she had already made up her mind. The woman had asked the owner where the Southern Comfort was, so it didn't come as a shock to him to see that one was missing from the inventory when she made a break for it.

"It's a $20-$25 bottle of liquor, but you know, when you're driving around in a brand new vehicle, stealing bottles of liquor, no one's going to feel sorry for you," Anderson said.

Watch her shove the bottle into her bag that has a bedazzled cross on it--maybe not the best choice of purse for this operation.

"This may seem like something simple, but when you've got those home-owned stores like Hops Scotch & Vinery, even a $50 theft is a huge thing to them, and obviously we need someone to call us and tell us who this is," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said.

The owner says that because of the increase in crime, he has already ordered more cameras to be put up in his store. Thieves, be warned.

"You just can't trust anyone right now, it's hard. It's hard to trust people," Anderson said.

If you think you recognize this woman, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS, and you may get a cash reward.