Health Inspector to Make Sure Food Vendors Follow Requirements During Kermit Celebration Days

Health Inspector to Make Sure Food Vendors Follow Requirements During Kermit Celebration Days

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

KERMIT - As September comes to a close, the Kermit Celebration Days festival will begin soon. The Health Department says they'll be making an appearance this year to keep an eye on food vendors at the celebration.

The Kermit Celebration Days started in 2005 and has been getting bigger since then. The festival lasts two full days. There will be live music and even a parade. It's free admission and fun for the whole family.

"After about the third year, it pretty much took off. We had local merchants helping out with sponsorship and donations," Kermit City Manager, Gloria Saenz said.

Saenz says all food vendors are informed of what is required when selling food.

"We had a meeting in August and invited the Health Department over and he answered questions from our food vendors. He had the requirements on paper and made them available for us. We mailed them out to all the food vendors and as far as I know they have all been informed and they know what is required of them. So hopefully, we won't have that problem. I don't forsee it being a problem," Saenz said.

The State requirements are strict. NewsWest 9 obtained the guidelines from the state of Texas. Some of the rules state: "Single event permit is valid for one individual food booth or unit at one specific event. Food shall be prepared only in permitted or licensed establishments. Food prepared in a private home is not allowed."

The vendors are aware that the health inspector will be there at the celebration. The city believes no one dropped out because of the states watchful eye.

"The health Inspector came to Kermit and told us he would be visiting us during the celebration days event. They told us what was needed and required from the food vendors. I have not had one vendor say, 'I'm not going to show up for that reason.' We've had questions but I've not had anyone say I'm not coming because of that particular reason," Saenz said.

Saenz believes the 10th year will be the best so far.

"It's all a go. Let's hope it goes well," Saenz said.

The festivities will be September 27 and 28.