Midland Man Indicted After Home Explosion Leads to Drug Lab

Midland Man Indicted After Home Explosion Leads to Drug Lab

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Alexander Flores is facing federal charges after a home explosion happened late at night on July 28th.

"I came home one night and saw a bunch of firefighters there, fire emergency rescue teams, police department," William Crabtree, who lives in the area, explained.

While Midland Police and the fire department responded, they found something that needed to be handled by the DEA.

"The next morning, I asked the dude what happened and that's when he told me that his icebox blew up," Crabtree said.

During the investigation, agents found hashish oil, which is extracted from marijuana. They also found evidence that suggests he had been using the house as a drug lab.

Flores is not only facing charges for running a drug lab at his house, but he's also facing charges for doing it so close to a park that is just feet away. That is what shocked neighbors the most.

"Being the south side of Midland, anything can be possible on this side of town," Crabtree said. "Now that, that's the first I've ever heard of someone doing something that close to a park and that close around kids."

Flores will now be facing charges for endangering human life while manufacturing a controlled substance.

"If I would've known something about that, I would have tried to put a stop to it, because that's just disrespectful to a kid," Crabtree said.