Odessa Man Claims He's Victim of Jailer Brutality, Sheriff Responds

Odessa Man Claims He's Victim of Jailer Brutality, Sheriff Responds

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY -  A man in Odessa is seeking justice after he feels he was the subject of jailer brutality. However, the Ector County Sheriff's Office claims they had to use the force to contain his bad behavior.

39-year-old Shannon Guillory alleges that while he was at the Ector County Detention Center, multiple jailers took him down when he was requesting his medication.

Guillory had initially been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  He and the victim, his common law wife Crystal Cruz, claim that was a mix up. But it's what happened after that has them devastated.

Guillory said it all started when he was unable to get his required medication "and then when I didn't get it, it just blew up," he explained.

He allegedly thought one of the female jailers was a nurse who was giving him attitude. Guillory who suffers from anxiety issues, heart problems and an immune system condition has to take a series of pills daily. The self described former "hot head" said that if he didn't have the medication, he starts getting the shakes and feeling off. Needless to say, he started drawing attention to get what he wanted.

Sheriff Mark Donaldson has seen part of the video of the incident and he talked about what he could make out of it.

"He's calling her names and cussing her out and doing all this stuff, kicking on the window, kicking on the door," he said.

That's when we're told more guards came. Meanwhile, Guillory remained inside the cell, takes off his shirt and stands "waving em in," as if to say 'come on, come get me!" according to Donaldson.

Guillory claims eight jailers restrained him and ultimately tazed him unconscious.

"I mean I lost my bowels. I used it on myself and I passed out," Guillory said.

But Guillory said it didn't stop there. He proceeded to explain how one person had a foot on his arm, another on his bicep, another on his neck and one person even jumped on his ribs in anger.

Guillory was taken to the emergency room where he claims they only checked his blood pressure. But the Sheriff's Office claims they have record of him getting an X-ray done among other things.

A follow up report Guillory pursued on his own indicates he had four separate contusions. Although he still has the bruises to prove it, he said all he wants is some justice.

"It's like if you were to catch a pedophile, I understand. That's how they treated me. I didn't deserve that," he said.

The sheriff said they don't ever want something like this to happen, and that if somebody, "goes beyond what they should do," they'll deal with it. Still he cautions Guillory who has been in jail before under multiple convictions including another aggravated assault years ago.

"If you're going to come to jail for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and if you're going to fight with officers, they're going to do what they can to keep you controlled," Donaldson said.

Guillory had been for only 24 hours, filed a formal complaint through the Sheriff's Office and has been looking for legal representation since the altercation from less than a week ago.

Sheriff Donaldson said they're still reviewing the tape. The investigation is ongoing and Guillory will be notified of the results.