Person of Interest Sought in Odessa Bank Robbery

Person of Interest Sought in Odessa Bank Robbery

by Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa Crime Stoppers received a tip that led them to a video of a person of interest at a convenience store just before the bank robbery that happened last Thursday at Commercial State Bank on Kermit Highway.

"We received a tip through Crime Stoppers and the FBI has been able to develop a person of interest in this case," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said. "Through their investigation, we've been able to obtain some video with the person of interest in it and we would like the public's help in identifying this individual."

The man seen in the video is paying for gas just before the bank robbery.

"He's got the same clothing, got some mannerisms and through some other investigations that the FBI has done, it's led them in this direction," Rogers said.

The bank robbery was called in just after three in the afternoon when a man drove up on a dark colored sports motorcycle and walked into the bank wearing a black helmet, black gloves and a tan jumpsuit. Officials are hoping that by releasing some of the footage, someone will recognize him or the person of interest.

"Now we've actually gotten some videotapes so you can actually see movement, see him as he walks, some of the mannerisms, that sort of thing, see how his stature is," Rogers said.

During the robbery, the suspect slid a note to the teller demanding money and threatened that he had a gun. He took the note back and pulled out a purple bag and opened it up. The teller then placed an undisclosed amount of money inside of it before the suspect took off.

"Pay close attention to the bag that he's got. It's a bright purple, insulated, almost lunchbox-style bag that the money was put into," Rogers explained. "He does have that helmet on, you can see that it's a clear mask so you can see the bridge of his nose and his eyes. It's like we tell people all the time, if it's someone you know, you know them no matter how they're dress or what they're wearing."

If you think you recognize this person of interest, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.