Odessa Fire-Rescue Says Goodbye to Long-Time Member

Odessa Fire-Rescue Says Goodbye to Long-Time Member

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ODESSA - Odessa Fire and Rescue is saying goodbye to one of their long-time members.

"I guess when you've been doing something this long and it's something you really love doing, it's really a part of your life more than it is a job, certainly with his dad being a retired firefighter as well. It's a big change in his life and so I'm sure that he's going to miss that brotherhood, that comradery with these firefighters that are here. Certainly, we're always a little bit sad when we see him go and I'm sure those guys that work with him feel the same way. But with that said, we also know that this is that next step in life and that I know that he's looking forward to what the future holds in store for him so we're real happy for David," Odessa Fire-Rescue Fire Chief, Roger Boyd, said.

Firefighter and paramedic David Dick is retiring after 20 years of dedicated service.

A special retirement party was held Monday at the Central Fire Station for him.