Midland Principal Goes Above and Beyond to Help Keeps Students Dry on Flooded Streets

Midland Principal Goes Above and Beyond to Help Keeps Students Dry on Flooded Streets

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - When it comes to helping students, one principal in Midland doesn't think twice. A picture sent to NewsWest 9 from a few viewers shows the principal at Henderson Elementary school giving a piggy back ride to a student so he would be safe and dry on the flooded roads after school.

"Our streets were running about knee deep in water by the time we dismissed classes," Henderson Elementary Principal, Tanya Bell, said.

Which created a problem for the young students as they were trying to make it home after school. 

"Children were trying to get across the street. My older students were making it just fine, but my little ones the first graders and kindergartners were going to have a hard time getting across the street," Bell said. 

That's when Principal Bell stepped in to make sure her students were dry and safe.

"I was afraid they would get swept off their feet and thought there is no way they're going to cross. So I just told them to hop on my back and I carried them across to the other sidewalk because once they got on the sidewalks, they were fine and they could reach their houses," Bell said.

Principal Bell said she helped three students on Friday cross the flooded streets. Parents captured the photo as she gave a piggy back ride to one child.

Bell said she's just doing her job.

"I think it's second nature to any of us who work with students, I mean that's part of being a teacher. That's what we're here to do. To help students in any way that we can," Bell said.

As for the photo, it's something she never expected.

"I'm very humbled by it. We have a great school and we have great parents and I'm very blessed to be here at Henderson," Bell said.

No matter what day it is, it's safe to say, Principal Bell is one teacher who goes above and beyond.

"They become our students and our kids. That's what I would do for my children and that's what I do for my kids here,"  Bell said.