Midland ISD Hits the Street Looking For Absent Students

Midland ISD Hits the Street Looking For Absent Students

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Battling through the cold and rainy temperatures, over 100 volunteers met at the Midland ISD Central Office Building Saturday morning. Their purpose was to contact those students who are not yet registered for school. School officials thought going door-to-door delivered a stronger message.

"We're going to come out rain or shine and knock on the door. Show them that we care and that we really want them back. We truly want them to get their education for a better future for them," Deborah Acosta, MISD Director of Graduation & At-Risk Student Population, said.

The district has been doing the recovery walk for seven years. Drop out rates have consistently gone down every year since 2007. Until last year, unfortunately, the numbers went in reverse. Drop out rates were back up to almost 14%.

"It was really upsetting, the district sees it, we know how to address it. We just need to get the students here so we know how to help them. With all these volunteers, you can truly see that everyone cares," Acosta said.

NewsWest 9 went along for the walk with the Torres family. All three are MISD teachers at different schools. They shared with NewsWest 9 why they volunteered on Saturday.

"I tell the kids you got to have an education. At least a high school diploma and hopefully it will continue on," Milam Elementary Teacher, Vidal Torres, said.

"There are so many reasons why they dropped out so we need to let them know that we're still here for them. They need to know that they can reach out to someone that can help them. They believe, once they walk out that door that no one cares about them anymore," Bonham Elementary Teacher, Mary Torres, said.

"It's my honor to come out and look for these children and steer them back to us," Henderson Elementary Teacher, Lina Torres-Barrego, said.

If your child hasn't registered yet for school, it's not too late.

"They can just show up on Monday with the paperwork in hand. Be dressed, ready to attend school. That way they can get started and attend their classes and hopefully graduate soon," Acosta said.