Major Construction to Start on Loop 250 on Monday

Major Construction to Start on Loop 250 on Monday

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Loop 250 in Midland between Garfield and Midkiff will be causing headaches for many commuters starting on Monday. The major resurfacing project is scheduled to go until early 2015.

The first phase of the construction will be the mile stretch between Garfield and Midkiff. There will be other construction zones around the Loop before construction wraps up. TxDOT mapped out the phases of the project to be less stressful for drivers.

"The retail establishments on the north side of town, we're going to get away from them before Thanksgiving and Christmas rolls around," , Gene Powell, Public Information Officer for TxDOT, said.

TxDOT will resurface the passing lanes first. After that, the driving lanes will be done which means the exit ramps will be closed.  

"If we're doing the passing lanes, we're down to one lane. If we're doing the driving lanes, all the exits will be closed on those two intersections. So a lot more traffic will be getting off on the service roads. That's why we're asking people to please find an alternate route. If you can't find an alternate route, give yourself 30 minutes of extra drive time," Powell said.

The speed limit will drop down to 50 miles per hour where the construction barrels are present. TxDOT tells NewsWest 9, there will be an increase of police patrolling the zones as well.

"More than a third of all work zone accidents are rear-end collisions because people don't pay attention to what's in front of them. We don't want anybody in the public hurt. We don't want any crashes and we don't want our inspectors hurt. It's important that people help us out on this. We're going to be doing this through the end of the year and into January. We ask for a lot of patients and a lot of help," Powell said.