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City of Big Spring Warning Residents About Street Food Vendors

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BIG SPRING - There have been complaints in Big Spring that some street food vendors are making people sick.

The Fire Marshal's office says they've received several complaints about vendors around town.

People have told them they've been getting sick after eating foods likes tamales and burritos.

We're told it is illegal for vendors to sell people food if they do not have a permit.

The fire marshal says some vendors prepare the food at home and that could cause people to get sick.

"The problem with that is, one, it's not an inspected kitchen. It does not meet the state requirements. It cannot meet the state requirements if it's in their home and we don't know about their preparation techniques. There's a great risk, people don't realize how many people get sick each year from food borne illness," Big Spring Fire Marshal, Carl Condray, said.

The Fire Marshal is encouraging people not to buy from street food vendors who do not have permit.

If you are able to get a description of the vehicle or license plate, be sure to include that information in your complaint.

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