Veteran's Join Together to Commemorate 9-11

Veteran's Join Together to Commemorate 9-11

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ODESSA - The VFW of Odessa raised their flags on Thursday morning to commemorate the 9-11 anniversary.

Veterans gathered together to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the attacks, as well as first responders.

A Vietnam Veteran says, 9-11 is a day for everyone to remember after thousands that put their lives on the line and made sacrifices for America.

"So today I wanted to remind them that it's not just another holiday where we can barbeque and grill and so forth. It is a day to remember the enemies of our country who are bent on destroying us and our way of life. It is also a day to remember the great sacrifice that is done daily, when there is an earthquake or a tornado. You see people rise up and that's beautiful. That's something that I'm proud to be a citizen of United Sates of America," Vietnam Veteran Captain, Luis Raymundo Lopez, said.

Many veterans tell say 13 years later, they're still suffering for many families who were affected by the attacks.