Better Roads Could be on the Way to the Basin

Better Roads Could be on the Way to the Basin

Staff Report
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ODESSA - Better roads could be on their way to the Permian Basin.

The Odessa Chamber of Commerce is supporting an amendment to get more funding for roads here and around the state.

The money for the improvements would be taken from the severance tax on oil and gas production.

The chamber sees this as a positive way to solve a growing problem.

"I would think that we more than anybody else could appreciate the establishment of this fund. It doesn't raise taxes, it doesn't increase debt, but yet it sets up a funding mechanism year in a year out that would go and give us some kind of rhyme and reason to how we go about funding infrastructure improvements to this city," Patrick Canty, Chairman of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce, said.

The amendment will be voted on in the November elections.