Bus Driver Could Face Criminal Charges After Four Year Old Left on Bus Alone for Four Hours, Residents React

Bus Driver Could Face Criminal Charges After Four Year Old Left on Bus Alone for Four Hours, Residents React

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - A school bus driver in Andrews could be facing child endangerment charges. That's after allegedly leaving a four year old alone on a bus for four hours on Thursday.

The parents of Zereniti Sears filed a police report. NewsWest 9 has been trying to get a response from the school district.

Numerous calls and e-mails, even a visit to the superintendent's office, but no response yet as to why a four year old girl was found sleeping inside of an Andrews school bus when she was supposed to be at Head Start, leaving residents scratching their heads.

"I went to school myself. We fell asleep on buses, but our bus driver always walked the bus and made sure everybody was off before he killed the bus and parked it," Andrews resident, Taylor Thomas, said.

The parents of Zereneti Sears spoke with NewsWest 9 on Thursday night, looking for answers as to how their four year old could be trapped in a school bus all by herself for four hours.

"She was drenched in sweat, like if somebody just threw her in the shower and out," Zereniti's mother, Monica Pena, said.

Their daily routine picking her up at Head Start was turned upside down.

"From Clearfork, they put her on the bus. They went ahead and did a head count, they did everything. So from the one minute drive it is from Clearfork to Head Start, they missed her," Pena said.

Thankfully, Zereniti is okay.

Local parents can't imagine that happening to their family.

"I wouldn't want my kids being left on a bus for four hours. That just doesn't make me feel safe sending my kids off to school that way," Thomas said.

"We need to be more careful with children and not leave them in vehicles. We need to just pay attention with what's going on," resident, Rodrigo Hernandez, said.

The Andrews Independent School District has not returned our calls or e-mails.

Andrews Police Chief, Bud Jones, says there is an open criminal investigation. He says the bus driver responsible could be facing charges of child endangerment.

"We need more surveillance. That's all we can do, help one another to see what's going on," Hernandez said.

Keep it right here with NewsWest 9 as we continue to reach out to the school district to bring you answers.