Odessa Woman Claims Apartment Complex is Going Back on Their Word

Odessa Woman Claims Apartment Complex is Going Back on Their Word

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa woman is outraged. She claims her apartment manager told her she wouldn't have to pay a dime for her three therapy pets. Two days later, she got a violation notice on her door asking her to pay up.

"My daughter is 14. When she was five, she was diagnosed with severe ADHD. Over the years, she has been diagnosed with depression, bipolar, and anxiety," Upset Pebblebend Apartment Resident, Alicia Vaughn, said.

That's why Alicia and her daughter need emotional support animals. In fact, according to a doctors note given to the Pebblebend Apartment Complex, it's doctor's orders.

"I got my support dog for weight loss, and depression and the stress I was going through from taking care of my mom working a full time job and being a single mom," Alicia said.

Alicia and her daughter moved to Odessa on Friday August 22. According to their lease agreement provided to us from Alicia, it states they have two therapy Yorkies and one therapy cat. The original lease agreement did not have the cat listed, but it was changed and added to Alicia's current lease agreement.  

According to Pebblebend's lease agreement all pets require a $400 non refundable pet fee per pet and a $300 dollar refundable deposit. However, also listed in the lease agreement it states, "we will authorize an assistance or support animal for a disabled person but will not require an animal deposit."

"I had all the documents, all the paperwork that they asked for, a letter from the doctor stating the reason that we had these animals," Alicia said.

On August 27, Pebblebend Apartments and Alicia signed and dated an Assistance or Service Animal Amendment to Animal Addendum which states, "We will not charge a security deposit for your assistance or service animal."

But just two days after the agreement was signed on August 29, Alicia got served with a lease violation by the same manager who approved her pets originally. The violation said she has unauthorized animals and she falsified information. According to the violation, Pebblebend Apartments claim that she, "has a cat that was not mentioned on the application prior to moving in." They also said she cannot have more than two pets. But Alicia claims other wise.

"It was on the application that we submitted and now they're trying to tell me that I cannot have them or I have to pay a deposit of $700 dollars for each pet," Alicia said.

Alicia claims they knew she had the animals, agreed to it, and she's not going to pay up.

"I paid what I was suppose to pay. I did what I was suppose to do. The papers have been signed stating that they accepted the letter from the doctor and now they want to turn backwards and say that they didn't know that I had the animals," Alicia said.

NewsWest 9 did reach out the Pebblebend's attorney, who was aware of the situation but we were not provided a statement from the complex on how they're handling it.