Dozen Chickens Found Slaughtered At Big Spring Animal Shelter

Dozen Chickens Found Slaughtered At Big Spring Animal Shelter

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Twenty-eight-year-old Jessica Grace was on her way home when she discovered a dead chicken on the road by the Big Spring Animal Shelter. Once she pulled into the parking lot, she found there were a few others.

So she did what she felt was necessary and shot a video tracking

A total of 12 chickens were found massacred, including a baby chick, one chicken that had been essentially crushed, and a rooster that was still alive, though bloody and covered in flies,

"Something seemed to have attacked it, but guess what, it's still alive. It's looking at me like, 'Please help me.'" she said in the video.

Grace said she had never seen anything as sickening as this, and anyone could hear it in her voice as she encountered each of the dead birds.

"I'm sickened because the pieces don't make sense. None of it makes sense. The chickens don't bother anybody. There's never been a complaint against them,"she said.

In a press release by the Big Spring Police Department, they said that the chickens appeared to have been struck by a blunt object. That was further confirmed by a local vet. Most of them also had some feathers plucked out.

Officials said the fence was locked up at the time of the crime and that somebody gained access or broke in to slaughter the chickens.

"When they say that somebody broke in, it's not through the lock. I mean I don't think. Somebody must have climbed over," Grace said. She told NewsWest9 that she had broken into the shelter on a few occasions to shoot video of the conditions there earlier in the year. But that was before they put up a new padlock.

In the video you can hear Grace question where the staff was. She later discovered they had been on their lunch break. While we were at the shelter, workers told us off camera that they were in tears upon finding them afterwards.

"I still in my gut can't believe it, because it's so evil and it makes no sense," Grace said.

The video which was posted on social media Friday received a lot of attention before Grace said she was "encouraged" to take it down. But she has no regrets about shooting it to help publicize what she considers to be a tragedy. "I don't know if it would have gotten the attention it has had I not shot the video," she said.

Now she just wants the animal control to open up their doors to volunteers in hopes that at the very least, there will be more eyes to protect the nine remaining chickens.

The Big Spring PD is still investigating this case. They also said they plan to increase security measures on the property.