Residents Fed Up With Fast Drivers After Pedestrian Hit and Run Accident

Residents Fed Up With Fast Drivers After Pedestrian Hit and Run Accident

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A car-pedestrian accident in Odessa over the weekend sent two people to the hospital in critical condition. Residents on the street are fed up with how fast people are driving.

"Just about anytime during the day they'll suck you off the side of the sidewalk they drive so fast," Paul Crow, a resident on Carolyn Drive, said.

"You'll see them racing down here. Racing side by side. It's ridiculous," Linda Dearry, another resident on Carolyn Drive, said.

Odessa Police say around 8:45 p.m. Saturday, 42-year-old Todd Ploen was pushing his 31-year-old girlfriend in her wheelchair down the road and that's when they were hit from behind. 

"They thought someone hit a dumpster but all of a sudden two people came flying over and landed in front of my house," Dearry said.

People living in the area say drivers don't slow down or use caution on their street and now they want to see something done.

"I just knew someone was going to get hurt and this probably won't be the last if something is not done about it," Elaine Hill, a resident on Carolyn Drive, said. 

"I do believe we could slow it down if we write a few tickets," Crow said. 

One resident is taking matters into her own hands. Lori Dearry started a petition.

"I just want to get us some kind of help. I don't care if it's speed bumps or pedestrian signs. We need something," Dearry said.

The suspect was driving a black car with square taillights. If you have any information about this hit and run accident, you're asked to call Odessa Police.