Senior Center Looking to Build a Pyramid, Break Record and Raise Money for Charity

Senior Center Looking to Build a Pyramid, Break Record and Raise Money for Charity

by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

KERMIT- Within six months, the Winkler County Senior Center needs to come up with one million pennies. They are looking to build the world's largest penny pyramid.

The Seniors are on a mission that wont be easy but they are looking to raise thousands of dollars.

"If you did it with dimes, you're looking at millions and millions of dollars probably. With pennies, you're only looking at $10,000. Which is still quite a bit for Winkler County," Senior Center Director, Robin Hawkins, said.

The money raised will be donated to Relay For Life next March, which is an organization the Seniors feel strongly about.

"My seniors decorate the sacks. The luminaries for Relay for Life," Hawkins said.

The Senior Citizens are thrilled to start the pyramid.

"This will be something everyone will get involved with. It will be good for the center and be good for the community," Senior Center Member, Ann Taylor, said.

Even if they don't reach their goal, they are going to give it their all.

"If we don't get our quota, we'll still have a good amount. But we're going to get it. You have to have confidence," Senior Center Member, Carolyn Harrison, said.

They are reaching out to all the Permian Basin to help raise the million pennies.

"I think it will take everybody to reach our one million pennies. Schools, Senior Centers, everybody to help bring us our pennies. Or call me and I'll come pick up your pennies," Hawkins said.

"Anybody that has a pocket full of pennies, feel free to drop them off," Taylor said.

"Bring em' on. We'd love to have them. It's for a good cause," Harrison said.

The pyramid is expected to weigh over 2,000 once it's built.