Midland Man Says Planet Fitness Was Discriminating Towards His Friend Because Of Size

Midland Man Says Planet Fitness Was Discriminating Towards His Friend Because Of Size

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Brandon Reyes and his friend say they were working out at the Planet Fitness in Midland earlier this week when Brandon's friend was asked to leave.

"We were doing a workout together. The way we workout, we throw our headphones on just like any other person would do and do our sets. One of the employees came up to my friend and asked him to cancel his membership. That he could no longer workout there because he was causing the other members to feel intimidated," Ex-member of Planet Fitness, Brandon Reyes, said.

NewsWest 9 spoke to Planet Fitness about rules the company enforces. They say throwing someone out because of size is just not true.

"We've got members of all body types, structures, strength levels," Jason Fick, Chief Operating Officer of PF Texas, said.

Fick says they have many body-building type of people. Often times, those people are members of more than one gym because of what their facility has to offer.

"Those that are really into body building equipment or heavy lifting equipment, they may only have 10 or 20 treadmills and it's difficult to get their cardio in. So they may have a membership at both places.  For $10 a month, we offer 100 pieces of cardio equipment, free fitness training and we're open 24 hours, 7 days a week," Fick said.

Brandon Fick has since canceled his membership since his friend was asked to leave.

"It seems hypocritical and unethical to me. To sit there and say you're a judgment free zone to come to a place and not feel judged. Yet if you're in any kind of shape you're immediately judged," Reyes said.

Planet Fitness officials say they have rules that are told once you sign up to be a member, no grunting or throwing weights are some of those rules that are told when you sign up. The rules are also visible in the facility. Planet Fitness claims they would never turn someone away based on size.

"We would never say it's not the right place for somebody, that's a decision they would have to make," Fick said.