Caught on Camera: Two Suspects Wanted in Aggravated Robbery at The Game Room

Caught on Camera: Two Suspects Wanted in Aggravated Robbery at The Game Room

 by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Two young suspects are wanted for an aggravated robbery at the game room on Andrews Highway that happened just last month. However, they don't do it without a second thought, or in this case, a second look at the camera.

Instead of walking away and donating to a charity or cleaning up our highways, they decide to take a different route in life, one that will likely wind them up in prison.

"They walk up two times," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers, said. "They walk up once, I guess to kind of scope it out on the inside. Then they go away, walk up a second time and decide they're going to do the robbery."

The duo walks back up, clearly oblivious to the cameras above them. The Texas Longhorn fan in the white shirt walks in while his buddy stays outside of the door to stand guard. He even held it open for people leaving, such a gentleman. At least his mom taught him right. After all, who says criminals have to be rude?

While he's busy being a doorman, the other is inside committing a felony.

"Clearly in the video you can see him reach for his gun in his waistband. You can see all the commotion in the corner, knocks her down, grabs the money out of her hand, and he takes off back out the front door," Rogers said.

He bursts out of the front door sprinting, almost like he robbed the place, and his friend follows his lead.

Meanwhile the white Cadillac getaway car was sitting behind a sign waiting to make a break for it, but unfortunately for them, that was also caught on surveillance cameras.

"We've gotten video that's a whole lot worse than this and been able to identify people. This is great video if someone will just take the time to look at it," Rogers said.

The two took off with several hundreds of dollars and will be facing a first degree felony, and unfortunately for them, The Game Room has good surveillance cameras.

"He's wearing a Texas Longhorn cap," Rogers said. "You know how guys are, they typically wear the same cap, so I think someone will recognize who this is."

If you know anything about these suspects, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS and you may get a cash reward.