City of Kermit Looking to Makeover Iconic Water Tower

City of Kermit Looking to Makeover Iconic Water Tower

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

KERMIT- It's been almost ten years since Kermit The Frog made his first stop of his world tour in the city of Kermit. Since then, the city has embraced the singing and dancing Muppet. Now, the city of Kermit is looking to move on.

You see him all around town. On store windows, in offices and even on the city water tower. Since 2005, Kermit has lived in West Texas.

"Citizen input indicating that they would like us to remove the frog from the water tower. The city has nothing against Kermit the Frog, it's just time," Kermit Mayor, Jerry Phillips, said.

The iconic water tower is getting a facelift.

"A routine maintenance item to paint both water towers. It's been quite a few years, way past the life span of the previous paint job," Phillips said.

At a cost of  $123,500, both city water towers are getting an upgrade. Mayor Phillips says residents of Kermit are on board with the makeover. Kermit high school students tell NewsWest 9, they remember when Kermit The Frog was put up there.

"I was pretty excited when they put Kermit The Frog up there, I was young," High School Senior, Jantzen Michel, said.

"It's been up there for awhile. I think it's time for something new," High School Senior, Diannalisa Dauila, said.

His big frog eyes have been looking over the city for some time. Now the school's mascot, the Yellow Jacket, will stand guard.

"Pretty exciting to know it's our last year and they're going to put it up there before we leave," High School Senior, Jayden Faqua, said.

"Kermit the Frog was nice when it lasted. But that was years ago. Time to bring our mascot back and some school spirit back. High School Senior, Justine Marshall, said.

Crews are scheduled to start painting over Kermit The Frog this week.