Andrews Purchases New, Better Ambulances

Andrews Purchases New, Better Ambulances

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS: Andrews is feeling the effects of a growing population and now the town's first responders need a little help of their own.

"Just with our increased traffic and our increased oil business, we are just beating those ambulances to death," Russell Tippin, Permian Regional Medical Center CEO, said.

Permian Regional Medical Center said their goal is to buy a new ambulance every other year but lately, it's just not enough.

"We went to the county and asked them to use some of the waste control money that's available for county wide projects," Tippin said.

The county receives money every quarter from Waste Control Specialists that they can use towards bettering the community. So commissioners voted to give $400,000 towards two new ambulances.

"They're about $250,000 a piece so between us and the city we will make up the difference of what's next out of the $400,000," Tippin said.

But these new vehicles won't be your typical first responder vehicle.

"They are going to be bigger ambulances. More over the road freight liner type ambulances. They're made for over the road that can take more abuse and more usage than what we currently have," Tippin said.

With the new purchase, taxpayers wallets will benefit.

"When it comes time next year to budget for ambulances, we don't have to raise anyone taxes because we have taken the money out of the waste control money. So it can work both ways, it can provide a better service and it's going to save them tax money in the long run," Tippin said.

Andrews said they're hoping to have to new ambulances within the next four to five months.