Kermit School District to Educate Students About Abstinence

Kermit School District to Educate Students About Abstinence

by Justin Kree    

NewsWest 9

KERMIT - The Kermit School District decided that all sixth through 12th grade students, need to learn about sex. On Wednesday, the students will participate in a presentation to learn all about abstinence.

Donna Price is the Curriculum Director for the Kermit School District. She says teaching the kids about abstinence is something the district takes seriously.

"Making good choices and going forward in their lives. Of course, we'd like kids to wait until they're married. That's what every parent wants from their kid. We need for them to be educated about what the risks are and what the laws are. What can happen if they choose another direction," Price said.

The presentation is known as "Aim For Success." It teaches about sexual assault, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Overall, its message is to explain why kids should avoid sex. Students were introduced to the assembly last year, including Price's two children, who say they enjoyed it.

"My daughter came home from the program last year and she couldn't wait to tell me some of the activities and games that they played in the presentation. The speaker related to the kids in a way that was right on their level. He didn't speak too far above them or below them. He knew his audience and he really spoke to them," Price said.

Parents had the choice to fill out a form if they didn't want their child to be a part of the presentation. An informative parent meeting was held Tuesday evening at the Junior High Auditorium.

"We want parents to come out and hear about the program. If they would rather wait, or have the parents cover these topics at a later time, they are more than welcome to. Parents may not realize how advanced their kids are or how advanced things are now with kids," Price said.

If you do not want your child to attend the presentation, but forgot to fill out the form, you can send a note with them to school on Wednesday morning.