"Frozen" Sisters Spread Some Disney Magic in West Texas, Beyond

"Frozen" Sisters Spread Some Disney Magic in West Texas, Beyond

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Move over Disney Land. "Frozen" sisters Anna and Elsa have made it to West Texas.

They've been spotted working parties and preparing for their next role performing for kids in need of some magic.

The women behind the costumes, 22-year-old Chelsea Capri and 20-year-old Emily Hargus are also co-CEOs for their charity called "Princess Elite." The company began in 2011 with just Capri, until Hargus, who plays Anna, joined the mission.

"I have a special ed brother and all through his life he didn't get the attention that everybody else got. Everybody would kind of push him to the side, and I didn't think that was right," she explained. "So I want to give back to kids who don't get the attention, who are pushed to the side. I think that being Anna and Elsa, we can do that."

It's been working so far as the company's business blew up to where they're booked through November.

Capri said it started with one party from which pictures were posted.

"All of a sudden, we were getting calls from left and right and messages. They were saying, 'Can you do our party, can you do our party?'" she said.

The women spend hours practicing their singing and working on their characters daily.

"I watched the movie like five million times just to get the certain motions and the way she stands and her makeup and everything down," Capri said.

Hargus chipped in about her work with Anna. "She's very jumpy and always dancing around being like, 'Hey this is my sister' and stuff like that. So it's different to get used to because I'm kind of the shy one always," she said.

But they said it's worth it because they've already received invitations for appearances at St. Jude's in Tennessee and Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

"It's definitely going to be a life-changing experience, I'm pretty sure, and that's exactly what I'm aiming for," Capri said.

Capri added that she's hoping the experience will teach them to be strong,

"They don't want to see you cry. And you're Elsa or you're Anna so it's gonna be super hard, but I think I can do it," Capri said.

The plan is to raise money through local parties and then get recruited to perform for some organization. They use half of their profit towards costume and travel expenses and the other to donate to that cause.

"I'm excited because I know that the way it's taking off right now, we're going to be able to do that. It's just going to take time," Hargus said.

The public can see Elsa and Anna working the Permian Basin Fair in Odessa this weekend. Eventually, the women want to expand the business to bring on more characters who want to spread the magic.

For more information, contact them directly at 432-853-8510 or eliteprincess14@gmail.com.