Olive Garden Delivers Food to Local Heroes

Olive Garden Delivers Food to Local Heroes

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Olive Garden is feeding many firefighters, officers and even Emergency Room workers across the nation on Monday. They said It's the lease they can do for everything they do for us.

"A lot of times we have to skip meals due to the nature of the calls and the business. It's unpredictable," Midland Firefighter Captain, Robert Wade, said.

But on Monday, there won't be a single firefighter in Midland without a meal. As many enjoy time with family and a day off from work or school, our local heroes are still working hard to keep all of us safe. Olive Garden wanted to simply say thank you. 

"Our purpose is to show an Italian dining experience to all of the firefighters while they work this special day," Melinda Wade, an Olive Garden worker, said.

For the past 13 years, Olive Garden has been showing their appreciation to hard workers serving our community on Labor Day. Here locally, the restaurant staff started to prepare the meals Sunday night.

"It's really quite an experience to see the look on their face when we show up with food to show our appreciation because not everyone shows enough appreciation to our local firefighters," Melinda said.

On Monday afternoon, the firefighters were more than grateful.    

"We feel appreciated. We feel like it's more than just going out and making 911 calls. It makes you feel like you're being thought of," Midland Firefighter, Victor Macias, said. 

Instead of the usual cooking and cleaning around the station, the annual gesture extinguishes some of the work.

"It is very nice to get a break off the rotation from cooking. We all take turns up here so it's nice whenever somebody else does the cooking for us," Macias said.

Over 800 Olive Garden's nationwide delivered to food to firefighters, officers and emergency rooms on Monday.