Despite Low Turn Out, Chicano Moratorium Rally Held in Odessa

Despite Low Turn Out, Chicano Moratorium Rally Held in Odessa

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The rally and march began in 1970 after two Civil Rights Leaders were murdered in California. Since that time, Chicano Moratorium Commemoration March and Rally's happen all over the United States. Saturday was the first one in Odessa.

"You will see this event bigger in larger cities. This is the first time we've done it in Odessa. We hope that the rally will get that size here," Organizer, Art Leal,  said.

The message of the rally is to talk about the problems facing the Latino culture.

"It's a rallying cry in the Hispanic Community to address many of the issues facing the community, such as education, immigration such as deportation, ICE detainees, drop out rate in our schools and poverty," Leal said.

A lower number of people came out on Saturday, but despite the low numbers, the rally was still held.

"Today, we came out to protest awareness for the community. To let them know that prejudice has never died, it's always been here. As long as you're at home not doing anything about it, it's going to continue. She's the future generation and if we don't pave a good road for them to walk on, no one will be out there doing it," Demonstrator, Christina Munez, said.

People who attended the march spoke up to let their voices be heard. But the biggest message of all was to get the word out to vote.

"It's very important to get the message out for Latinos, young people and any Texan to get out there to vote. A lot of people don't vote in the elections especially the local election or state elections. We have a big chance here to get people educated about the issues that are going on that affect them on a daily basis," Eddie Montoya, who was registering people to vote, said.

Organizers say the Odessa rally might be held earlier in the week next year and not on Labor Day weekend. That way more people will have a chance to take part in the demonstration.

To stay up to date with the group, visit them on Facebook just search Una Voz Unida.