City of Midland, School Officials Kick Off "Not in My Town" Campaign

City of Midland, School Officials Kick Off "Not in My Town" Campaign

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The campaign "Not In My Town," kicked off at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center on Friday. Two important messages were discussed.

"We want kids to get to school and parents get to work or get to their destination. Lets keep our roads safe. The second part of this campaign is, lets keep our community clean," Midland Mayor, Jerry Morales, said.

Trash and traffic are two major issues Midland is facing. Now the school district is helping out.

"When we heard about "Not In My Town," we jumped on board with 'Not on my campus,'" Midland Lee High School Principal, Jeanette McNeely said.

McNeely said she wants to show off Lee in a positive way by having students pick up around the school.

"The way we show our pride isn't just winning football games. Showing we have respect for ourselves and our campus. I told the students that the parking lot isn't going to look like a pigpen, cause that's not who we are. Every calendar day, except for Fridays, somebody's class is out and about picking up a designated area of the campus," McNeely said.

Driving safe is a concern around the city. Especially now that another school year began.

"Leave early, obey the speed limit. Quit texting and driving, don't be distracted. Just pay attention to what you're doing and you'll arrive to your destination safe," Midland Police Chief, Price Robertson, said.

17-year-old Jake Staires was involved in a car accident on his way to school on Friday morning. Jake was still in the hospital when his mother, Rose, called NewsWest 9 to emphasize how important this campaign is.

"I just want these kids to wear their seat belts. God only knows how many would survive if they had those on. All they need to do is take the time. The parents aren't just being parents. It's for their safety and everybody else's." Rose said.

Jake is expected to be back to school on Tuesday. Another reason that city and school officials want people to take trash and traffic a little more seriously this year.