Growth in Monahans Forced City to Buy More Storm Sirens

Growth in Monahans Forced City to Buy More Storm Sirens

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - The city of Monahans has spent over $43,000 on three new storm sirens. But there may be a need for more sirens as the city of Monahans continues to grow.

Crews worked all day to place the sirens in the designated locations the city chose. Right now, they have four sirens. After work is complete, they will have seven sirens.

"We want to make sure the more susceptible areas around schools and R.V. Parks are serviced with a good warning that they can really hear," Monahans Assistant City Manager, Rex Thee, said.

The three locations where the new sirens are being installed are on the grounds of the waste water plant, at Rudy Park and on the corner of 2nd Street and Quela Street. These locations were picked so the warning noise will overlap.

"The sirens are in a 360-degree direction. You want them close enough so that they will overlap a little. Far enough away so you're not shrinking your coverage area," Thee said.

The city tells NewsWest 9, they will be testing the new sirens on Friday.

Officials say that they will eventually have to buy more sirens. For right now, the three new sirens will help out.

"The city of Monahans is expanding eastward. We've recently annexed property out there. Development is beginning to move that direction. To blanket the entire city, these three are going to do that. We will effectively have the entire city and part of Thortonville and the newly expanded area will get some coverage from our early-warning siren system," Thee said.

The City of Monahans wants to emphasize that they will be testing the new storm sirens on Friday.