Rankin Hospital Expands Into Big Lake, Boosting Some Friendly Competition

Rankin Hospital Expands Into Big Lake, Boosting Some Friendly Competition

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

BIG LAKE - Big Lake is already home to the Reagan County Hospital District but now they're gearing up for some friendly competition; the Upton County Hospital District is opening up a clinic right next door to Reagan Memorial.

According to the Upton County Hospital District CEO, the population in Big Lake has grown exponentially compared to theirs, and they want to cash in on the change. Johnson added that he believes the market is large enough for both clinics to be successful there.

"That's their prerogative and we look at competition as something that increases both sides," CEO of the Reagan County Hospital District, Pam Clark, said. The District is planning on opening a rural health clinic in the coming months.

The two districts haven't been in much communication with each other but officials at Reagan Memorial Hospital tell NewsWest 9 they're not bothered by Rankin setting up on their territory.

"It's not us against them. If they think they can do a better job than we, well then that's what we want for our citizens," Clark said. "Although I don't see how that can be a possibility, it doesn't change the fact that if they can do something better for our citizens that would be better for our citizens, and that's what our goal is, to provide wellness for our community."

According to Johnson 25 to 28 percent of patients seeking treatment at Rankin Hospital are already coming from Big Lake, and that number is increasing weekly.

"Our doctors are very knowledgeable, very public relations-oriented. They do a good job, and I think that speaks volumes to your patients, Johnson explained. "You get one person out there that's had a good experience they send ten more, so I think that's what's happened."

They may eventually also bring a facility into Midkiff, which feeds into their district. But for now officials are looking over applications to staff the clinic in Big Lake which is scheduled to open October first.