Midland County Crisis Intervention Unit Down Half the Volunteers Needed

Midland County Crisis Intervention Unit Down Half the Volunteers Needed

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - They help victims in the worst situations but now the Midland County Crisis Intervention Unit needs help too. They only have half of the volunteers they need.

From car accidents to crime scenes, the C.I.U. responds to it all.

"We need to be ready to help victims out 24 hours a day," Director, Gabriella Reyes, said.

The unit runs on volunteers but right now there just aren't enough of them.

"We are working with 37 volunteers and we're really supposed to have 60," Reyes said.

It's a problem Reyes has been dealing with for a while.

Reyes said last year volunteers responded to 1,200 calls but this year they've already surpassed that with 1,400 calls so far.

"We require that they sign up for two shifts a month," Reyes said. "Volunteers sign up for maybe 10 shifts."

She's worried her volunteers will get burnt out.

"That kind of falls heavy on their hearts," Reyes said. "We want them to not have to see so much."

Reyes said these volunteers serve such a vital role during crisis situations.

"We're able to calm down the victim," she said. "We assess what the victim actually needs."

Colleen Kuzmich has been a volunteer for four years now.

"They need guidance, they need help and a lot of times just understanding that someone cares about them," Kuzmich said.

She's seen first-hand the spike in demand for their services.

Kuzmich said although at times it can be tough, it's always rewarding.

"As bad as it may be, you know that you helped that person," Kuzmich said.

The unit hopes people will step up to the challenge saying even just a few more will help tremendously.

"You do what you can, when you can and if we have enough volunteers then no one has to have the heavy load," Kuzmich said.

The last day to get your application in to be a volunteer is Sept. fourth.

You must be 21-years-old and a background check is required.

For more information, you can contact the Crisis Intervention Unit at 432-688-4635.