Midland School District Looking Forward to New School Year

Midland School District Looking Forward to New School Year

Stephanie Mills
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With the influx of children this year into the Midland Independent School District, the teachers and staff have made many adjustments to be prepared.

MISD Superintendent Dr. Ryder Warren reacted to the enrollment numbers from this year compared to last, "It's scary."

The District has added about 800 kids, going from 23,000 last year to about 23,850 this year. That is just through pre-registration. Dr. Warren explained many kids do not even come back until after Labor Day. They'll be prepared.

"Our numbers don't get solidified until a couple weeks after and then we'll see where we go from there. What we've done in the past adding classrooms, teachers to our staff, anything we need to do to make sure the integrity of the classrooms is being protected," Warren said.

Another big challenge that MISD is facing this year is academics.

"We have really raised the academic bar for this upcoming school year. We have our mouse set for a really good academic year and I'm really looking forward to that," Warren said.

There are other aspects of this 2014-15 school year that many are excited about.

MISD Communications Specialist, Elizabeth York, expressed her eagerness, "One of the most exciting things that we have coming down the line are the three new elementary schools that are being built as part of the 2012 School Bond. That's the Barbara Yarbrough Elementary School, Barbara Fasken Elementary School, and then a new Bunche Elementary School."

Everyone can get plugged into the district by way of social media. A new app has been released by MISD, along with their Facebook page and website.

"We're hoping parents can be connected more than ever before," York said.

MISD will be partnering with the City of Midland for their "Not in My Town" initiative to promote clean environments in the city as well as in the schools.

"Some of my high schoolers have no idea what a trash can is or what it's used for so we're going to show them. We're also going to target driving. Just safe driving. We're crazy drivers in general in Midland, anyway," York said.

Ultimately, Dr. Warren said he's most excited for this year to get going, "It's always getting the kids back, that's always the most fun part of the year. Getting the kids back and getting back into the routine and just seeing those bright shining faces."