Student Enrollment on the Rise. P.T.A. Needs More Enrollment

Student Enrollment on the Rise. P.T.A. Needs More Enrollment

by: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND-  The halls are empty right now. But that will all change in a few short hours, as Midland will start another school year. Teachers are looking forward to that first bell.

"It's going to be a good year. We're going to make big strides. Knowing what we know, the things we put in place for this year and the support from the community. It's going to be good, it's going to be really good," Midland High Physics Teacher, Cory Callaway, said.

"Every day you walk through the door is a new challenge, new fires to put out. It's an adrenaline rush when those kids are here," Midland High A.P. History Teacher, Mark LaCroix, said.

Midland has more students enrolled this year than ever before. Another sign that the basin is growing rapidly

"It's always questionable because you don't want to have 35 kids to a class. It's harder to meet the kids needs when there are that many. I'm a little worried, I don't want too big of a class but we'll be successful. It is what it is," Midland High Algebra Teacher, Andrea Morren, said.

Around the state, the number of participants in the P.T.A. is down. This year, a new campaign called "Back The Future" will allow students to join.

"We are getting the word out that we just don't want parents to join, we want everyone in the community to join. Students can join this year and that is brand new. I'm excited to see how that affects the numbers and getting the kids involved with the P.T.A.," President of Midland Council P.T.A's, Dee Dee Caputo, said.

With this statewide campaign, the number of participants is sure to go up.

"I want the membership numbers in the Midland P.T.A. to double. To have 12,000 members, combining all the schools within MISD," Caputo said.

To get more information on becoming a member of P.T.A., you can check out the website The website will be up and running on Friday.