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Midland Memorial Hospital Introduces New Therapy For Patients With Liver Tumors

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MIDLAND - Midland Memorial Hospital is introducing a new therapy for patients with liver tumors.

They now offer the S-I-R Spheres Microspheres treatment.

It's the only F.D.A. approved treatment for colorectal cancer that has spread to the liver.

Studies have even shown it extends survival time with a reported median survival range of ten and a half to 13 months compared to three and a half months for untreated patients.

We're told the procedure is minimally invasive and only has minor side effects.

“Sometimes, chemotherapy can be hard on the patient, but this is very mild and most patients just feel tired for about a week but they don't lose their hair and they feel very few symptoms,” Midland Memorial Hospital Staff Radiologist, Travis Van Meter, said.

The treatment has been used in Dallas for the past several years.

Officials added that having the treatment at Midland Memorial Hospital will keep patients from having to travel to get it.

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