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Getting your kids to communicate after school: What works

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Amarillo, TX - Getting your kids to talk to you after school can sometimes be a hard task to conquer.

One of the biggest issues parents face with their kids is getting them to talk about what is going on in their lives. 

The 2014 school year has officially begun and kids are getting accustomed to their new classmates and teachers. 

Jill Goodrich, Executive Director of Opportunity School, said this can be one of the most challenging times in your child's life, leaving them exhausted by the end of the school day and not wanting to talk. 

"You might try and avoid face to face question and answer sessions, and let that conversation come a little more naturally," Goodrich said. "When you're setting the table, or cooking dinner... you can give them some time and just make it be really casual, then your kids are more likely to open up to you."

Goodrich said it's important to know what your child is doing, this way you can have a good idea of what your child may be going through on a daily basis. This can lead to answers of why your child may be depressed, or even hint at a bullying situation. 

"Keeping those lines of communication open, you'll know your child best if something doesn't feel right and you can talk with your child's teacher, talk with maybe the counselor at school to see what other people are seeing," Goodrich said.  "Maybe a coach. I actually had that experience with my child one time and just by talking with others and seeing how your child is in different settings. Sometimes they might open up to another adult when it's hard to open up to mom."

Goodrich encourages parents to visit their child's school and become familiar with the environment. At-home communication can then easily stem from something you are familiar with, triggering a conversation with your child. 

Goodrich said telling your child about your day will make them feel comfortable about sharing theirs as well.