Andrews Police Department Will Soon be Able to Take Patrol Cars Home

Andrews Police Department Will Soon be Able to Take Patrol Cars Home

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Some big changes are on the way for the Andrews Police Department. The squad is getting a new fleet of cars and officers will be able to take their vehicles home.

"If you've got more marked units in service then it can be a crime deterrent," Andrews Chief of Police, Bud Jones, said.

The Andrews Police Department will be getting nine new cars, hopefully, by the end of the year. Officers will then be able to park their vehicles on the streets.

"This is a take home car program meaning that every police officer regardless of rank will have a police car that they will be able to take home," Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler, said.

Hackler said this program has been in the works for years. The department will now have 19 cars.

"This is great for fast response. Fast response is very critical. This way the officers will have their own assigned car with all of their equipment and even personal equipment that we'll allow them to carry," Jones said.

Chief Bud Jones also added having a take home car is a great recruitment tool and you won't just see the cop cars parked in your neighborhood.

"They'll be allowed to use it to go to the store, go to church, personal use but within certain parameters," Jones said.

Locals NewsWest 9 spoke with say they feel safer with more police on the streets.

"I think it's a great thing. I think it provides a large amount of safety or feeling of safety. If I could get two or three on my street, I think it would be absolutely wonderful. I would feel a lot better and my kids would feel a lot better," Andrews resident, Jeff Saldivar, said.