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Filmmaker Charlie Minn to Premiere New Documentary "Es El Chapo" at Odessa Movie Theatre on Friday

By Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - El Chapo, an infamous Mexican drug lord, was caught in Mexico back in February. But some still believe police caught the wrong man. One filmmaker is even bringing his beliefs to West Texas.

Charlie Minn is a filmmaker who risked his life to cover a story deep in Mexico about the capture of Chapo Guzman. The filming began on his story shortly after Chapo was arrested on February 22nd, 2014. However, the question remains, did the Mexican government capture the right man?

"This is a spectacular news story where we have a colossal fugitive caught and we're not quite sure of the identity of that person. A recent poll in Mexico showed a split among its citizens of whether it's the real Chapo. In the United States, more than 50% don't think it's him," Filmmaker, Charlie Minn, said.

Minn said he did his research and he believes it doesn't add up. He doesn't think police actually caught Chapo. No gunfire was exchanged during the arrest, no massive security team around this infamous drug lord and he was captured in an $89.00 a night condo when the drug lord is worth billions.

"Was this set up by the Mexican government? I think the U.S. Government deserves much of the blame over the drug war. Over 100,000 Mexicans in Mexico have been murdered," Minn said.

Minn's documentary "Es El Chapo" will be shown at the Hollywood Theaters in Odessa starting August 29. He invites the public to come out and see what he uncovered while filming.

"It's a spectacular news story, a rare news story. When have you ever heard of a fugitive of his capacity arrested and his identity questioned," Minn said.

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